About the Handlebars
    Watson Ti Bars are hand-made one at a time by me in my shop. I started developing these specific bends to address the pain related issues that come with the rigors of mountain biking. By placing your hands in their neutral position it keeps your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders all in a more natural state allowing your body to maintain comfort and react to the terrain faster. Anyone who has had a wrist, elbow, shoulder, or neck pain while riding, or is constantly troubled by an injury will find Watson Ti Bars to be a simple and inexpensive solution.
     Above all these bars are designed for ergonomics but have many other benefits. The Titanium helps to dampen the ride quality and smooth out the terrain minimizing vibration and therefore, fatigue. I also use heavier gauge titanium than other bars on the market, this is for two reasons. The first is purely strength and longevity of the bar, the second reason is because turning your hands inward to a neutral position also gives you significantly more torque when climbing out of the saddle, a thicker wall helps to minimize excess flex so you get better power transfer.
     If you have any questions about the bars below please feel free to call or Email me. Bars can be purchased through PayPal right off the site thanks to awesome technological advancements! Whether you’re riding a Watson Cycles (preferable), a hard-tail, full suspension rig, hybrid, etc., Watson Ti Bars are a simple and quick way to customize your positioning for a very minimal investment.

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