le•vi•a•than (l -v -th n) n.
     1. Something unusually large of its kind, especially a ship.
     2. A very large animal, especially an octopus.
     3. A monstrous sea creature mentioned in the Bible.

     The Leviathan, a larger than normal destructor of trails that will plow over a rock garden with a single pedal stroke. A true force to be reckoned with in the woods it will crush the competition like the eight powerful arms of the mythical creature with a 100 foot arm span, reeling in victims and leaving them for dead trailside, assuring your place on the podium.

    o Tig-Welded Construction
    o 73mm Bottom Bracket Shell
    o 4130 Dropouts W/ Replaceable Der. Hanger
    o Rider Specific Tube-set
    o Disc Brakes
    o Slider Dropouts
    o ISCG Tab
    o Rigid Fork
    o Belt Drive
    o Rim Brake Studs

    Frame: $1899 - Fork: $425 (Uni-Crown) /$475 (Segmented)

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