Great Divide Fat Tire
Great Divide FAT Tire:

     The Fat Tire tames otherwise un-rideable terrain. Designed to conquer the most menacing of landscapes, this expedition bike is your go-to for everything from desert-crossings to snow-capped passages. Exact build and frame specifications depend upon customer’s request and fit; this bike is tailored for your kind of adventure!
     Favored components include a 1x9 drivetrain with a 100mm bottom bracket shell and 160mm rear hub. Top-mount friction shifters are recommended as they are least likely to be compromised by the hostile locations through which The Fat Tire will be your savior and companion. Expedition Rear Rack available upon request. The frame can also be designed to compliment the rack of your choice.

    o Tig-Welded Construction
    o 100mm Bottom Bracket Shell
    o 4130 Low MountDropouts W/ Replaceable Der. Hanger
    o Rider Specific Tube-set
    o Disc Brakes

    Frame & Fork: $2399

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